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Zusammen Leiwand | Frequently Asked Questions

Together is the essential part: Let us support local companies together and enjoy later.

1. What is zusammen-leiwand.at?

zusammen-leiwand.at (Engl. together-awesome) is a social project to support small and medium-sized enterprises in Austria. We want to help these small firms and one-man-shows to survive these hard times. That’s why we created this platform to allow you to financially support your favorite firms by buying vouchers to help keep these firms afloat. After the COVID-19 crisis is over, you will be able to redeem your voucher as usual.

2. Do you take provisions?

No, Zusammen-Leiwand.at itself does neither take provisions nor fees from the listed companies. The usage is apart from transaction costs 100% free. If you want to, you can support the Team with a donation.

3. Does the usage of this site cost me anything?

No. Neither customers nor companies pay for the usage of this site aside from transaction costs, which are subtracted from the amount the firm receives.

4. How does the platform work for companies?

Please fill out this form and press “send”. We will process your request and inform you once your company is enabled on the platform. In case your company is not listed on the “Gewerbeinformationssystem” (GISA), please let us now. Afterward, your customer will be able to buy vouchers for your company directly; the money will be directly transferred to you.

5. How does the platform work for consumers?

Search for a company you want to support. Afterward, you will be able to buy a voucher for that company on the platform directly.

6. Why does Zusammen-Leiwand.at need my E-Mail adress?

We need your E-Mail to send you your voucher. Optionally, you can sign up for our newsletter to be informed about new firms in your area.

7. How does the payment work?

The payment works directly via our platform in cooperation with our payment provider. You have the option to support your favorite companies via Sofortüberweisung.

8. How do I receive my voucher?

After payment is processed, you will receive it via E-Mail as a PDF file.

9. How do you combat fraud?

We try to validate every firm as well as possible by checking business licenses. Due to the high volume of request, we ask you to be cautious if you do not know a company by doing some research yourself before buying.